Touchless Automatic Wash

Touchless Touch Free Car Wash

Cypress Car Wash is proud to bring you state of the art
touch free car wash technology.  Through the use of  industry leading touch free capabilities, our updated Washworld Razors deliver outstanding touchless wash results for you while minimizing your wait time, saving water, and protecting the environment.  We can wash your mini, Hummer, crew cab, dually or anything up to 7' tall. 

We also offer the use of free pre-soak barrels and soft touch brushes for extra prep of your wheels.

We will guarantee your satisfaction or your next wash is free!

Dirt and Grime Removal

Touchless Touch Free Razor Car Wash

A Touchless Car wash works like a dishwasher. The quality of the wash is a function of key aspects: Temperature, Water Quality, Chemicals, & Impingement. These four functions combined with the our underbody side-blaster, Front and rear double pre-soak passes  and Carnauba Hot Wax Foam N Flow  options provide outstanding touchless results. 



Our water and our soaps are heated between 100- 130 degrees to maximize the effectiveness. 

Water Quality 

All of our water is softened with state of the art softeners  to maximize effectiveness.  Spot Free water for the final rinse is extensively filtered to be "spot free" so that the only thing in the water is the dirt leaving your vehicle. 


We use low and high pH presoaks with optional double passes so that we wash the dirt as well as the oils and grease and organic material on your vehicle.

Impingement (Impact)

Our wash uses  turbo nozzles on our side blasters and hi impact spray nozzles for the underbody and on the contoured arch that goes around your vehicle. This gives a  each vehicle a maximum clean. 

Free Pre-Soak Barrels 

 Although most dishes can get clean in the dishwasher, sometimes friction is the only way to get  them clean. It's the same when cleaning your vehicle.   That's why we offer at both automatic entrances the free use of our soft brushes and gentle pre-soak for times when you need to attack those tough bugs or tough road grime.

24 Hour Convenience


Both our locations are open 24 Hours allowing you to wash when it's convenient for you. 

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